Anonymous asked:

What do you use to pay for TER without using your personal info? I have a one vanilla prepaid visa card, the one that's not reloadable but I keep getting declined. The correct amount is on it. I'm thinking it could be because the card can only be used in the U.S. and TER is in a different country.



I don’t have a paid TER membership. Honestly, I don’t really care to. You can read your own reviews, send PMs, and participate as a non-VIP member. TER is really tricky with their payments, they require a credit card that is not a reloadable card (no vanilla visas, boo!). I think they do take money orders and bitcoins, whatever the hell those are.

So they really don’t make things easy or discrete. For that reason, I have no interest in getting a paid account.

I have a paid membership, and TER uses a service called SegPay… That’s what it shows up as on your bill, and you cannot see any information about their business, and they cannot get any of your information. It’s to protect them and the users.

I paid with a “Vanilla” prepaid card without a problem. 

Seriously, could LE be anymore obvious.


"My name is Tomas. You’re a very attractive woman. I’m looking for one woman to see three days a week for the next 4 months while I am in my city for work related purposes. I’m looking for one overnight on a Friday or Saturday for 8 hours and 3 to 4 hours on both Tuesday and

First of all, the mention of unprotected sex and outlandish promises are gigantic red flags. 

Anonymous asked:

I have been reading your blog lately and I find you so interesting. Let me start off with the fact that you are insanely gorgeous and quite smart. I have been conducting my own research within the sex industry as I have lately been reeling towards the sex industry. I find it something I could really enjoy. But I have a few questions, and seeing your posts/advice, I would like to ask for your opinion. 1.) I know a lot of clients seek to get a bj, so to keep safe, do you make them wear a condom?


2.) I have read many other escorts’ screening processes and would like to see if you have anything in common with theirs. How do you screen a client, any tips? 3.) Do you settle your donation when meeting the client before you engage in sex, or after? What if a client demands he give you your donation after you have sex with him? Lastly, again, any tips/advice you have learned to have great value to them. I would love to hear from you. Sorry about the anonymous, I am a bit flustered asking these

Hi anon, thank you for the compliments! I usually use this blog to vent, so I’m glad I don’t come across a psycho bitch all the time haha. And no worries about being on anon, these can be tough questions.

1) I do not make them wear a condom during BJs. I always look first, and if there was anything that looked “off”, such as funny discoloration or bumps, then I would ask them to cover up. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve read that there is actually a low rate of STD transmission through oral sex, or at least a much lower rate than through traditional sex, so I’m not too worried.

2) The most common ways to screen new clients is through references. I will email the two providers they have seen most recently and ask if they were a good client basically, and if they would book another appointment with them. A lot of times they might also be a part of a screening service, such as P411, Datecheck, etc. I also accept TER whitelists if they are recent and from providers I personally know of and trust. With verification sites, I ask them to send me a message on those sites so I know it is them.

If they do not have references, I verify them through employment. I have an email account set up under some random male name with gmail that I ask them to send a message to from their verifiable work address. (ex., and then I google the crap out of them. I’ve never had a problem finding someone. I then ask to see their ID when they arrive. I’ve never had a problem with this method, and since they are sending me the email, and the dummy email address is a male name, they rarely bring up “discretion.”

3) I’ve never really had a problem with someone giving the donation up front. I put on my website that I prefer they leave the donation on the bathroom counter for outcalls, and that if they’re visiting me, that they place the donation down, and then go use the bathroom. My donation is pretty high, so most guys “get it,” so to speak. If they forgot, or if they put the donation down and don’t go to the bathroom, I’ll just ask, “Do you have a gift for me,” or ask they go wash their hands, and they always do.

If they refused to give the donation upfront, they can get the fuck out.

Which leads to my number one tip-

Stand your ground. You are in control.

When I first started doing massages, I was 18, young, naive, and desperate. Seriously, the shit I let people get away with disgusts me now. Touching me in places when I said no, setting up video cameras, shorting me on money, going over time, calling me names, ect.

It took me a long time to realize that as the female, I was the one who called the shots.

Don’t ever let them make you feel obligated to do something you don’t feel comfortable with. Just because they are paying you, does not mean they own you.

If you don’t want to be spanked or choked, don’t let him do it.

If you don’t want him jamming a finger up your ass with no lube, don’t let him do it.

He can’t get off while wearing a condom? Tough shit. He’s gonna wear one.

He doesn’t like your rules?

Then he can fucking leave.